10 Benefits of Working for a Startup

Alix Dougherty
February 4, 2021




Over the years, entrepreneurship has become less of a rarity and more of a commonality. Younger generations (now broadening the workforce) are becoming more confident with their ideas and are, in general, higher risk takers than older generations. This means that more and more new, small businesses are popping up – and what do we call these? Startups. If you’re fresh out of university or have only ever worked for corporate companies, you might not know much about what it’s like working for a small company like a startup. Well, we’re here to assure you; there are many benefits! So what is it like to work in a startup job?


There can be misconceptions that startups are just “bean bags and ping pong tables” (all fun and no work). But it’s actually quite the opposite. There are bean bags and ping pong tables, but working for a startup is a balance of fun and hard work. Working in a startup provides opportunities both on a personal & career level.


Let's find out what they are.



1. You Have a Voice


One benefit that holds a lot of weight is that you have a voice. Your opinion matters, and your ideas matter. Entrepreneurs appreciate innovative thinking and fresh perspectives, so startup jobs offer you a voice and an open environment where you can express your ideas.



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2. Not Just Another Cog In The Machine


Work teams are often small at startups. This helps ensure that you’re not just a number. This is one of the benefits of working for a small company, in that everyone knows you, and your contribution is both valued and needed.



3. You’re a Part of a Work-Family


Working for a startup means that you are a part of a tight-knit team (well, hopefully, you are). These are the people you will spend your day-to-day with and with whom you will share your innovative thoughts. Your colleagues will become your work family, your support system – the people you can rely on to support you at work (as you; them). A company's culture is important, and startups are massive on it.



4. Have a Purpose


Many startup jobs are within companies that are not afraid of change – actually, they encourage it. More than this, many startups' purpose is for change. For example, you might end up working for a company focused on environmental preservation – whatever it may be, as part of a startup team, you will have the power to direct change.



5. Contribute to Business Growth


Most of their growth has already occurred when working for a large corporate company, but you're crucial to growth at a startup. Working for a startup means that you can be a part of their success while growing with the company.



6. Your Employer Knows You at a Personal Level


Chances are you will work closely alongside your boss when working in a startup job. This means that your boss / CEO / employer gets to know you personally and can offer support when needed. Not to mention it’s pretty cool being able to make friends with your boss!



7. You Can Be Yourself


Most startup jobs are in relaxed working environments, with no strict dress guidelines and of course, you’re encouraged to voice your ideas. The ability to go to work every day and wear what you want (to some extent) and say what you think is definitely a bonus.



8. Little to No Hierarchy


You know how we mentioned that your boss sits alongside you? This is often both physically (they might be at the desk across from you) and in terms of hierarchy. When working for a startup, your opinion matters, and for most startups, no one is made to feel like they’re at the bottom.



9. You Learn a Bunch of Different Stuff


Another amazing thing about working for a startup is that you are across all departments. Occasionally you will need to pitch in and help with any task that needs doing. You might be in the sales team, but you’re still aware of what other teams are working on. Because the team is often small, communication across departments needs to be strong, so you actually learn many new things that you probably wouldn’t be exposed to if you were in a larger company.



10. Job Satisfaction


If this wasn’t apparent already, startup jobs offer strong job satisfaction. It is only natural that when you feel valued, you’re a part of a work family, and you’re a part of business growth – you will feel satisfied. When working in a larger company, employees can question how much value their role has, leading to less job satisfaction. In a startup, it's often easier to see the impact you are having.


Your job is a large part of your life, so when choosing a job, the place you work is so important. Work, for most people, is 40+ hours per week. It can have a large impact on your general well-being and satisfaction with life. It isn’t just about what type of work you do. It’s about who you do it for and the purpose and drive (both at an individual and company level).


This is why startup jobs are amazing! If you love your place of work, you feel you’re making a difference, and your ideas are being heard – your job satisfaction and quality of work will be much stronger than if you worked for a larger company where you’d likely feel like just another number.