How to Maximise your JobNow Profile

Ash Simpson
October 21, 2020

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JobNow works a little differently from other job sites in that we don’t use traditional paper CV’s or Cover letters (we think that’s old school). Instead, you use your JobNow CV to apply for jobs. Think of your profile as your online CV. You list your experience and skills, mention a bit about yourself in your bio section and show off that lovely smile with a professional profile picture. Your profile not only allows you to apply for jobs but also lets employers who are searching for talent in our database find you. We want connections between New Zealand employers and jobseekers to happen quickly, and we believe a JobNow profile is the best solution to make this happen!


Here are a few tips to help you when creating your JobNow Profile.





Your bio is the first thing an employer is going to read on your JobNow profile. While it’s tempting to write as much about yourself as possible, we recommend keeping this section rather short. A couple of paragraphs should be enough to tell employers a little more about you, what you are looking for in your next job and what skills you can bring to the table. However, if you mention very little (or nothing at all) in your bio section, then employers are unlikely to take much interest in you.





Probably the most important section of your profile! Not only does this allow employers to see what previous experience you have, but it also helps the JobNow team to match you with jobs and employers that match your skillset and experience. It’s worth listing all previous work experience as while you might not think it is relevant to the job you are applying for, there are bound to be some transferable skills you developed while doing that job.



Education & Training


Have you done a first aid course? Maybe you attended a digital marketing workshop? Mention all the extra training you have undertaken as this helps you stand out to employers. In terms of education, you don’t need to list every exam result you have ever had. If you did well in one particular test, great, then mention it. Still, if an employer really wants to know your academic achievements, they can ask for this information at a later date (they often don’t). If you have attended any University, Polytech or training establishment, then we recommend listing these.



Profile Picture


A JobNow profile with a professional profile picture gets more engagement from employers than profiles without one. If you decide to include a profile picture (which we definitely recommend you do!), make sure it is professional.’ An inappropriate profile picture will hurt your chances of hearing back from an employer. Here’s a quick guideline to stick to when choosing your profile picture.


- No filters and no selfies. This isn’t Facebook, and it only makes you look unprofessional.

- Only include yourself in the photo. If your picture is of you and a friend, how is an employer supposed to know which one you are?

- We recommend the classic head and shoulders photo. Think your passport photo except with a smile!


Applying for Jobs


We have Marketing, Customer Support, office & admin, Sales and many more jobs available. If you see a role you are interested in, then don’t hold back. Hit the apply now button and get chatting with the employer. While your JobNow CV is universal, it can be edited at any time, so if you want to tailor your profile to the job you are applying for, then go right ahead.


When you apply for a job, you will be asked to send an ‘application message.’ This acts similarly to a cover letter and allows you to discuss why you are applying for the role. Again, we recommend you keep this message short and sharp. Your JobNow CV should do most of the talking for you.


Ready to find your next job? Sign up and create your JobNow CV to get in front of employers today.