The Top 10 Startups to Work for in Auckland

Ash Simpson
April 20, 2021

Auckland startups



Auckland’s startup scene is heating up and has some super exciting companies making waves on a global scale. From job management tools for tradies to digital humans being used by some of the biggest brands in the world, there are plenty of startups doing cool things in the city of sails. The JobNow team has done the research, looking at funding rounds, media hype, employee benefits and employee reviews to develop a list of the top 10 startups to work for in Auckland in 2021.




1. Tradify

Job management software seems to be all the rage at the moment, and Tradify is leading the charge for New Zealand. Having raised $10 million at the start of 2021 to accelerate growth, Tradify is on a mission to transform the construction sector by using digital tech to make the life of tradies around the world easier. Employees enjoy monthly team lunches, Friday-night drinks, a city fringe (Grafton) office location, and down tool days. One to watch, we think.


Predict HQ

2. Predict HQ

With an impressive customer list, including the likes of Uber and Amazon, Predict HQ has quickly become one of the leading providers of demand intelligence for companies worldwide. Using big data analytics, Predict HQ help customers ‘predict’ when their service will be most in-demand and how that will affect their pricing (think Uber’s surge pricing when they are busy). With offices in both Auckland and San Francisco, monthly events for staff, additional paid leave and hybrid work from home/office policy, Predict HQ employees have many benefits available to them.



3. Halter

Moving cows around the paddock have always been a laborious task for farmers, but thanks to ag-tech startup Halter, Farmers can now remotely guide cows around their farms and gain key insights into how their cows are feeling. Backed by an impressive list of investors and securing another $32 million in funding in 2021, which they will use to hire another 100 people, Halter has the foundations in place to be a huge kiwi success story in the years to come. The Halter team enjoy a range of perks, including a $1000 self-development budget, wellness leave and unlimited annual leave, flexible working arrangements and a dog-friendly office.


Soul Machines

4. Soul Machines

Is this the rise of the machines? Founded in 2016, the futuristic AI company Soul Machines bring customer experience into the 21st century, allowing brands to create ‘digital ambassadors' that interact with their customers. Having raised $40 million in 2020, Soul Machines is growing its international footprint and investing a ton in developing these digital people as well as their own. Rise of the machines indeed.



5. Imagr

Automonumos check out startup Imagr is quickly becoming a key player in the ever-changing retail landscape. Imagr’s technology allows supermarket customers to shop and pay for their goods without ever having to stand in a queue. Put your groceries in your trolley, and your card will automatically be charged when you leave. Pretty cool, right? As well as being part of a rapidly growing company, Imagr’s staff are offered a well-being programme that takes care of their mental and physical health, an employee share option scheme and team lunches on Fridays.



6. Narrative

Narratives AI technology platform enables professional photographers to identify images with flaws and get rid of them quickly, only leaving the best photos behind. With users in over 160 countries, Narrative is making a name for itself on a global scale. Not only does Narrative's staff have a trendy new office on Karangahape road to call home, but they also have flexible working arrangements, an employee stock ownership plan, and, of course, Friday drinks with a bit of ping pong chucked in the mix.


First AML

7. First AML

Law firms, real estate agencies and accountants (plus many more) rely on First AML’s regulatory technology platform to streamline their anti-money laundering compliance. After tripling its headcount in 2020 to 50, First AML has ambitious hiring plans in 2021 and will be opening its first international office in Australia. Along with the option to participate in the company's equity scheme, AML recruits have a great opportunity to make a difference in this fast-growing 3-year-old startup.



8. Joyous

Joyous allows large enterprise employers to receive weekly non-anonymous feedback from their employees. Practising what they preach, Joyous listened to their staff's feedback and have introduced a hybrid work from home/office policy. Being a young, fast-growing company with huge potential, there is a great opportunity for employees to put their stamp on the business.



9. AskNicely

Customer experience platform AskNicely has grown a lot during its 5-year existence. They now have offices in three countries and are also the number one ranked customer experience platform in the world! Understanding that life at a fast-growing startup can be challenging, AskNicely offers a flexible work environment to employees, professional development assistance and taco Tuesdays. YUM.



10. Auror

Retail theft is a big problem, but the folks at Auror provide retailers with a platform that streamlines the crime reporting process and allows stores to use real-time intelligence that helps prevent shoplifting incidents. Auror is just as focused on making sure they provide exceptional people experiences to their staff as they are preventing criminals from getting their hands on stolen goods. Auror employees have regular team lunches, flexible working arrangements, the option to participate in the company's employee share scheme and several personal development initiatives available to them.