Dawn Aerospace

  • 101 - 200 Employees

About Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace was founded to redefine near-space transportation. Redefine how we deliver assets to space, position satellites on orbit and return things down to Earth to enable the vibrant and circular space economy of the future. To do this, we build scalable, accessible and sustainable spaceflight technologies – technologies that are sustainable for not just the foreseeable future, but the unforeseeable future.

We are an international team of innovators committed to our vision of scalable and sustainable space transportation. From Earth to space. From space to everywhere else. We believe in hardware-rich design and are always looking to push the limits of our technology in the real world.

Dawn Aerospace's Values

- Integrity
- Sustainability
- Courage
- Pragmatism


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Jobs at Dawn Aerospace

Unfortunately, Dawn Aerospace doesn't have any openings at the moment. Please check back soon for updates.