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Content Specialist

Hnry is looking for a creative and data-driven Content Specialist to join our fast-growing team and shape our strategy around connecting with our target audience and telling our story.

You will be tasked with establishing and implementing Hnry’s long-term content strategy. To achieve this, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of our target audiences and then plan, prioritise, and deliver high-quality content aligned with their key motivations.

You will work within the Sales and Marketing function of the business to plan a content calendar, manage the delivery of new content through both internal and external sources, and report on the content's performance. From time to time, you will personally write high-profile technical content for internal or external use.

Your Responsibilities will include:

• Using your mastery of Hnry’s target audiences to identify and prioritise content ideas to earn their clicks
• Establishing Hnry’s overall content strategy using insights from the performance of previous content
• Creating a content calendar aligned with Hnry’s content strategy to ensure frequent delivery of new, high-quality content
• Reporting regularly on the performance of our written content to uncover insights which influence content strategy and prioritisation
• Managing our team of external content writers to prioritise and deliver content in a timely manner
• Editing, repurposing, and refining our articles, then uploading them via our content management system
• Writing and delivering technical content for the Hnry brand (white papers, industry briefs, press releases, and other high-priority written content)
• Working alongside our Partner Success team to coordinate joint content with external partners

How we work:

• We are a fast-moving, highly collaborative, and motivated team - and we're growing quickly!
• We have a relentless focus on the customer, and on delivering great experiences to ensure we maintain our high rate of customer referrals
• We take a data-driven approach to everything we do, making decisions based on user behaviour - constantly tweaking and optimising to improve.
• We follow agile practices, delivering improvements iteratively in small chunks. We track the impact of our work and measure ourselves based on delivering measurable contributions towards agreed targets
• We encourage experimentation - whether that's experimenting with new tools or techniques, or experimenting with new channels
• We invest in our people, and provide opportunities for career growth and progression
• We work hard and we finish on time, no crazy hours.

You will:

• Have proven experience writing and editing content to drive lead generation and conversion (rather than traditional performance metrics such as CPC or engagement)
• Have experience reporting on content performance and discovering insights which influence future content
• Have strong attention to detail, a methodical approach to problem-solving, and strong numerical literacy
• Be goal-driven and eager to grow your career within a fast-moving company
• Be enthusiastic, self-motivated, and have excellent communication and collaboration skills — we work together and succeed as a team

Bonus points for the following:

• Experience working in a fast-paced environment, being required to wear a few different hats
•Experience being self-employed (freelancing, contracting, etc) in any industry/profession

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