Full Time Job

Development Engineer

We are seeking an Product Development / R&D Engineer to join our team.

The details below are a wish list and we don't necessarily expect an exact match - we'd still like to hear from you!

Who we are:

Eight360 is a Wellington-based VR startup that has developed a unique, world-leading immersive motion simulator platform called NOVA. We’re doing interesting things and pushing boundaries to make the future happen. This makes the workplace culture exciting, dynamic, and fast-moving.

What you’ll do: Your role is to help research, experiment, design, develop and test innovative and robust systems within the NOVA platform. As part of the Eight360 development team, with your strong analytical skills, your work will be a critical contribution to finding practical solutions to complex problems involving areas like motion control, VR tracking, and sensor fusion.

Key tasks:

• Investigate and develop new technology and solutions for the NOVA.
• Plan and manage projects including supervising others when required.
• Work cooperatively alongside other Development Engineers.
• Adopt a “Fail-Forwards” mentality and embrace uncertainty, with a willingness to take calculated risks and experiment.

Relevant Skills and Experience:

• An Honours, Masters or PhD with strengths in applied mathematics, physics, control systems, robotics, digital signal processing, machine learning or related fields.
• 3+ years experience working in a related field.
• Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, including experimental design experience and proven application of the Scientific Method.
• Strong in mathematics with skills on-hand in areas such as:
~~~~Linear algebra (3D geometry, matrix algebra, quaternions).
~~~~Discrete time systems, Digital Signal Processing.
~~~~Control theory (Laplace, Fourier, Z transforms, Kalman filters, IK).
~~~~Physical system modelling.
• Experience in C, C++11 or newer, Python 3 or equivalent.
• Competent with mathematical python packages such as scipy/numpy.
• Experience working with open-source software.

Bonus Skills:

• Experience with commercial mathematics software such as MATLAB.
• Experience with designing and building physics simulations.
• Experience with game development concepts, especially engines like Unity and/or Unreal, and their physics systems.
• Experience with Virtual & Augmented Reality devices. Extra points for developer-level experience.
• Experience with designing and building Machine Learning and/or Computer Vision systems.
• Experience with IP protection and developing patentable technology.
• Experience building electronic prototypes and/or developing embedded software.

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