Full Time Job

Mechanical Engineer

We are seeking a Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineer to join the team.

The details below are a wish list and we don't necessarily expect an exact match - we'd still like to hear from you!

What you’ll do: Your role is to design and build the NOVA hardware, including physically assembling the NOVA product. You’ll develop bespoke parts and use off the shelf components with a range of materials and turn them into the world’s greatest simulator.

Key tasks:

• Design and prototyping of mechanical hardware solutions.
• Develop and sourcing of components and assemblies (including preparation of technical drawings and documentation to support these processes, and supplier liaison)
~~~~Using CAD/CAM packages to create 3D models (Fusion360)
~~~~Use of modern workshop equipment including digital fabrication machinery e.g. 3D printers, CNC routers and laser cutters
~~~~Fabrication and assembly in a low-volume production setting.
• Production management, Manage due dates and resources to meet deadlines. Coordinating stock of long-lead parts and ensuring orders are fulfilled in a timely manner
• Supply chain management, from supplier relationships to inventory levels
• Managing of contractors and subcontractors
~~~~Price checking
~~~~Quality control
~~~~Timing management)
• Adopt a “Fail-Forwards” mentality and embrace uncertainty, with a willingness to take calculated risks and experiment.

Relevant Skills and Experience:

• BE or higher in Mechanical, Mechatronic or similar engineering, 3+ years experience in relevant roles/industry
• Good organisational skills, quick learner, interested in learning different skills
• Fusion 360 CAD software (3+ years of experience)
• Technical product design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and refining new products
• Creativity, technically savvy, excellent problem-solving skills, the ability to work both independently and within teams and under time constraints
• Hands-on fabrication and assembly work, familiarity with range of power tools and how to not injure yourself.
• Time management - able to set tasks, priorities and achieve goals.
• Good relationship management skills with suppliers both local and international.
• Experience communicating and dealing with overseas suppliers, factories and contract manufacturers (esp. China)
• Being the team player who brings everyone from across the business together to get the job done.

Bonus Skills:

• Project management, Agile methodologies (e.g. scrum, kanban), Lean manufacturing
• Use of inventory and goods management software e.g. Cin7, Unleashed, StockTrim
• Experience working in a factory, manufacturing operation, or similar.
• Startup or small-company experience a plus

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