Full Time Job

Intermediate & Senior Software Engineers

You’ll play a key role as part of our User Account Management squad, working alongside other engineers to ensure a seamless user experience for new users as they join the Hnry platform. You’ll be expected to take ownership of the development of new features, from concept through to release, working collaboratively with product owners and designers, customer representatives and other members of the Hnry team.

Your Responsibilities will include:
  • Engaging with customers and all members of the business to actively identify problems and propose solutions
  • Working alongside other engineers to make sure we are providing our customers with the best on-boarding experience with Hnry, whether they are new to self-employment, or whether they already use alternative systems
  • Creating seamless experiences that encourage users to keep their Hnry profile up to date, and encouraging them to use existing and forthcoming advanced security features
  • Following best practices in building robust and reliable software and encourage the same among colleagues
  • Take responsibility for delivering functionality from concept through to production release and post-release maintenance
  • Produce work that meets the expected level of test coverage and improve test coverage across the existing codebase
  • Provide detailed code reviews to colleagues, sharing your knowledge and ensuring that standards are maintained
  • Design the architecture of new features and present this back to the team for feedback
  • Collaborate with and support other members of the wider Hnry team
  • Mentor and provide support to other members of the team
How we work
  • We follow agile practices, delivering improvements iteratively in small chunks. We track the impact of our work and measure ourselves on results, not the amount of code written.
  • We’re growing fast, and are focused on building a well designed, scalable & robust platform. In some areas of the work (e.g. payment processing) there is very little margin for error.
  • Our technology platform is built in Ruby on Rails, and we also use a bunch of AWS services (via Terraform), Postgres, Docker, and a little bit of React.
  • We have automated tests, continuous deployment, and release to production multiple times per day.
  • We review each others code, and set aside time for hacking on experimental features, refactoring and/or learning new things.
  • We work hard and finish on time, no crazy hours.
You will:
  • Have experience with Ruby on Rails, with a mixture of React components and plain JavaScript
  • Have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, BEM, MD Bootstrap, and jQuery
  • Care about writing clean, maintainable and efficient code, and improving existing code, both for your peers and future you
  • Be confident using distributed development tools such as GitHub and Slack
  • Have an understanding of test/behaviour-driven development, cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Be comfortable with numbers, not scared of some algebra and basic statistics concepts
  • Be able to take complex problems, break them down, and build robust solutions
  • Approach problems with a curious mindset and empathy for the end user, always considering the impact of changes
  • Actively monitor systems, identify problems and propose solutions
  • Have excellent communication and collaboration skills — we work together and succeed as a team
  • Have experience with automated testing
  • Enjoy discussions about software/product design and crafting solutions
Bonus points for the following:
  • Experience building large scale systems
  • Experience being self-employed (freelancing, contracting etc) in any industry/profession
  • $50 monthly staff wellness benefit
  • Additional day of annual leave for your birthday
  • Gifts of share options for high performing staff
  • Continuous remuneration review cycles (pay rises for high performers aren’t reserved for ‘annual reviews’)
  • A clear focus on professional development, with encouragement to attend training courses, conferences etc - all during work time