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Non-Fungible Labs

Web3 Developer

In December 2021, less than a year after being founded, Non-Fungible Labs “FLUF World” project was named as one of the top 10 NFT projects of 2021 by CoinTelegraph, and in a recent Forbes article was put head to head against Facebook/Meta in the fight for an open and inclusive metaverse.

FLUF World exists on an underlying digital infrastructure, powered by innovative brands in the blockchain, NFT, gaming, media and sustainability spaces. Having just recently announced partnerships with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Wētā Workshop, we are entering a second phase of growth as we continue to cement our position as industry leaders in NFTs and the metaverse.

We are looking for a highly skilled, technically excellent Web3 Developer with some high volume Solidity projects under their belt, to join our core Technical team and be well versed in the security, performance and commercial viability concerns of developing smart contract based applications. You will ideally have experience with Functional Programming, Typescript, React, GraphQL, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis and API Gateway or Unity Game Engine would be highly desirable. This can be a fully remote position and we are open to candidates located anywhere in the world.

Ready to move on from the mundane and work on the bleeding edge of technological development? Want to leave an impact and lasting legacy with an organisation that’s laying the foundations for an open and free metaverse? Then read on and see if this sounds like you.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop  software to meet agreed technical and design specifications to a high-quality, with little supervision;   
  • Make contributions to product architecture;  
  • Effectively review other developers’ code;
  • Contribute to business requirements and technical specification documents;
  • Thoroughly test software and log defects including - Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Performance Testing; and
  • Provide on-call support to applications in production when necessary
  • Experience designing, delivering and supporting secure, high volume smart contracts
  • The ability to design smart contracts to minimise gas costs to users
  • Proven experience with Ethereum and a strong understanding of Solidity, ECDSA and all token protocols (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
  • Confidence in designing critical, high value contracts for token vesting, liquidity mining and play-to-earn gaming
  • Experience integrating backend/frontend applications with smart-contracts and execution logs
  • Experience with MongoDB and Mongoose, with an understanding of how to create your own database models, query data and optimising queries to be as efficient as possible
  • Experience in ExpressJS with an understanding of how to create a reliable API service and maintain best security practices and performance
  • React Experience with a robust knowledge of how the React DOM works and how to consistently maintain the highest performance that an end user expects
  • NodeJS experience and be up to date with the latest ECMA standards, ES7 as a minimum
  • A full demonstrable understanding of how the event loop works, as well as maintaining the best error handling
  • Experience in Ethers/Web3 and be able to build up transaction objects from scratch that can be signed, as well as initialising providers, signers and contracts to interact with
  • Basic Python knowledge with ability to read and understand existing code
  • Understand the versioning procedure in a company with Github, as well as maintaining clean and understandable code commits
  • Strong communication skills and highly effective when working with a team
  • Bonus points for DiscordJS experience with the ability to write out bots that communicate with our various API services.
  • An exceptionally talented, diverse and experienced team.
  • A fun and rewarding workplace culture.
  • Competitive salary with potential for bonuses, benefits and token allocations.
  • Flexibility and remote work options.
  • Real work-life balance.
  • Plenty of opportunity to grow.
  • Great variety and exciting international projects.
  • A chance to engage with global leaders in gaming, blockchain companies, leading web3 investors and renowned media and entertainment brands.
  • A rare opportunity to be part of our vision for an open and inclusive metaverse.
Non-Fungible Labs