Full Time Job

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team and help us solve challenges as we work on our open source core platform Matomo and other related software products. We are the creators of Matomo, the leading open source web analytics solution that gives people full control of their data and built-in privacy. As a senior software engineer, you will play an integral part in engineering and help us make our products better, delivering a great experience to our customers.

As a software engineer at our company, you will be a part of one of our small and dedicated teams. The product teams this particular job opening is focused on are the Core team and the Plugins team. Our team is fully remote and collaborative, and you will be working closely with your team, lead and other engineers, product manager, and co-founders to build the future of Matomo.

The role of a software engineer at Matomo is a hands-on role where you will be applying software engineering principles to maintain and improve our products, showing lots of interest in the products themselves. We’re looking for engineers who have a thirst for using technologies to accelerate solving user problems, and who take a holistic approach in working with others such as product managers, UX designers and marketing to deliver great products. As a senior software engineer, you will understand the priorities of the business, seek to understand why decisions are made, understand users and their problems, and care about how people use the product. You will bring product suggestions to the table and offer product/engineering tradeoffs, and be able to understand complex logic, troubleshoot and debug problems quickly, and apply economic thinking to come up with pragmatic solutions.

Key Responsibilities
Engineering responsibilities
  • Design, develop, document, test and review high quality solutions.
  • Build pragmatic, straightforward solutions that use your time efficiently.
  • Maintain the security, performance and integrity of our products.
  • Document our products and contribute to our user-facing knowledge base, developer website and internal documentation.
  • Share knowledge and collaborate with other developers.
  • Make users successful by investigating 3rd level support requests escalated by the Support team.
  • Work collaboratively across the company and participate in review and feedback activities to strengthen our solutions.
  • Support team members and help them grow.
Product responsibilities
  • Understand the business’ priorities, how the product fits in, and what the users’ goals are.
  • Gather and contribute ideas and approaches to build solutions.
  • Challenge existing specifications, suggest alternative approaches that might work better.
  • Evaluate the impact on engineering and bring suggestions and trade-offs to the table. For example, suggesting alternatives with similar impact that minimise engineering time.
  • Be empathetic about how the product makes users feel and how those users benefit from using this product.
  • Bring up ideas for improvements.
Project Management
  • Triage new issues on a regular basis to ensure urgent issues are dealt with.
  • Participate in prioritisation by assisting in the collection and documentation of requirements and estimates.
  • Participate in meetings and assess risks during the lifecycle of projects.
  • Take ownership of assigned deliverables and effectively communicate any changes in plans or blockers back to relevant people.
  • Manage the releases of software.
Processes Management
  • Help make our engineering practices better and reduce friction from idea to deployment.
  • Follow our best practices and processes.
  • Take ownership of our engineering practices and continuously strive for improvement.
Minimum qualifications & Professional Competencies
  • 8+ years’ commercial experience in software engineering
  • Strong competency in PHP and JavaScript application development (full-stack)
  • Experience building products
  • Experience using git
  • Experience using GitHub and its workflows
  • Skilled at writing automated tests and reviewing code
  • Strong analytical skills and a passion for it to understand complex business logic
  • Strong experience using databases and SQL
  • Familiar with Linux command line
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • 100% Remote work position
  • Must be within 4 hours of New Zealand timezone (NZST)
  • Remote work (save many hours on commute, and save money)
  • Co-working space paid for and/or work from home
  • All home office equipment paid for (laptop, desk, chair, standing desk, lights, etc.)
  • Flexible hours
  • 25 days of paid holidays per year plus your national public holidays
  • A huge “playground” to grow your skill set
  • Immediate impact