Senior Front-End Engineer

  • Full Time Job
  • Hybrid

We’ve had a relatively unique journey getting our Loaded platform to where it is today.

Originally we built a 13 site hospitality group across the country, and ran into all sorts of difficulties using existing systems and processes to run these businesses properly.

So we built Loaded to solve our own problems, and after the success this created for us we’ve been stoked to be able to share it with thousands of our customers in New Zealand and see a huge difference in the performance of their business and a big boost to the lifestyle they are able to lead.

We now have a strong market leader position in New Zealand and we are looking to take the product to hospitality owners all around the globe.

We know we need great people in every role we add, and it’s really important to us that new people joining our team are excited about what they can bring to the table that will help Loaded deliver a phenomenal product that gets phenomenal results for our customers.

Below our aim is to set out information on the type of person we want to join us. It’s actually really hard to do this in a job ad. However if you do read your way all the way to the bottom and you’re starting to feel like we might be the right fit for you then please drop us an application.

In your cover letter feel free to be informal and tell us why you would actually like to come and join us. Don’t read any blog articles on what we might be looking for, just tell us what you’re thinking and what you’re all about. The less standard jargon the better.

About you

You’ve been a frontend engineer for a while now, working in several different companies and increasing your experience, skills and ability to get a wide array of front end work done. As frontend has become more technical, you’ve built up a good understanding of the broader stack and how it fits together with everything you’re doing out front.

You’re comfortable leading a front-end project whether web or app based and love understanding how the product you are building is going to work for customers and why it will make a difference compared to how they are currently doing things.

Ideally you’ll have some of the following experience and standards;

  • You will have five or more years experience in a frontend role and have been given responsibility to plan and implement projects and hold a small team accountable for hitting deadlines. You’ll be clear about the projects you’ve been working on that have gone well and those that haven’t and have thoughts on why this is.
  • Native APP build and release processes and how to manage these efficiently.
  • Collaborating with back-end developers and other stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of front-end and back-end systems
  • Ensuring that all front-end code is optimised for maximum performance, scalability, and maintainability
  • Communicating potential improvements and updates for front-end development processes and tools

As you can hopefully tell, culture is important to us and we always look for the following in every team member that joins us.

  • Proven persistence in overcoming challenges
  • The curiosity to always be learning and looking around corners
  • An open mind to hearing others point of view
  • Someone the rest of the team feels they can always rely on
  • Someone the rest of the team will enjoy spending time with
  • Someone who thinks customer first and technical second

We don’t like to oversell the perks of the job, as we prefer people who genuinely love the satisfaction of the results hard work brings, but our office in Queenstown has an exceptional view, the coffee is good and heaps of the team are out riding bikes and skis before and after work.